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Before I purchase a home, how do I determine what it will cost me each month to carry it? : It can be tempting to jump into a purchase before considering what it will cost you each month to run your home, so good for you for thinking ahead. We encourage consumers to be informed before they make a purchase. One of the ways to do that is to work with a Buckingham Realtyreal estate professional to get the information you need about a home’s carrying costs. Aside from your monthly mortgage payments – and optional mortgage, life or disability insurance, if you choose to buy it or are required to – there are a number of costs you and your salesperson can determine before you put in an offer. First of all, taxes for the property should be on the listing information, but your salesperson should confirm the amount. Be aware that, depending on time of year, the amount listed could be from the previous taxation year and so your taxes for the current year could be higher. The same applies for condominium fees. The listing information should contain the actual fee amount,…

Legal Apartments : A second unit, more commonly known as an accessory apartment, is a self-contained unit with kitchen and bathroom facilities within a house, rendering the house a two-unit residential property. While accessory apartments can be beneficial to homeowners, there are also many challenges. Benefits According to the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, second units benefit homeowners and the community by: • providing homeowners with additional income •providing more housing options for extended families, elderly parents, or a live-in caregiver •maximizing densities •creating jobs in the construction industry Challenges Accessory apartments must comply with applicable legislation, such as OntarioBuilding CodeandFire Code, and municipal bylaws (zoning and fire safety standards). TheBuilding Codeapplies to construction of new buildings, and alterations, additions, and changes in use within existing buildings. Homeowners considering establishing a second unit may…

Refinance or Downsize? Using Your Home Equity to Pay Down Debt : Refinance or Downsize? Using Home Equity to Pay Down Debt As a Homeowner, you canoften borrow beyond yourmortgage, taking on additional personal debt for home renovations, household furnishings, and general living expenses. As long as your income remains sufficient to service yourdebt, it’s not a problem. But what are youroptions when yourdebt gets out of control? For a homeowner who owes money on credit cards and unsecured lines of credit and also has equity in yourhome, the question becomes even more complicated. Is it better to get a second mortgage and refinance or is selling your home and downsizing a better option? The most significant problem with refinancing is that it doesn’t reduce total debt and, therefore, may not solve your debt problem. Refinancing $70,000 in credit card debt with a second mortgage may lower the interest paid, but the total debt remains unchanged. Refinancing generally works best when it can be used to refinance allunsecured debt. Borrowing for…

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