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Fall Home Checklist : With the new season upon us, we help you prepare with our handy Fall Home Comfort Checklist. Prepping your house for colder weather and seasonal changes means reducing house costs and bills, saving yourself from a long term/bigger problem, preserving your home and adding more value to it. Once the weather stays consistently cool, have your air conditioner service and winterized Clean & store seasonal furniture for the season.  If you don't have a garage, invest in a weather proof canvas cover Adjust your ceiling fans to spin clockwise Head to our website to check out our resources and tools when it comes to planning to buy a home or get in touch with our office today for further assistance.  https://www.buckinghamrealty.ca  519-948-8171 #buckinghamrealty #fallchecklist #falltodos #october #welcomefall #yqghomes #realtoradvice #falltips #tipsandtricks #windsorlocal #windsoressexcounty

When and How to Check your Furnace : With temperatures starting to drop, we recommend you test your furnace NOW. There are several reasons to do so:  Ensure you are prepared when the cold weather hits  It’s easier to get an appointment if you need one now than later in October  Gives you ample time if any replacement parts are required  Catching any problems now could help save money in the long run Testing is simple: 1. Turn your thermostat to heat setting Turn your thermostat to the heating function and set the temperature to 5 degrees warmer than the current temperature in your home. 2. Check to see if the furnace and furnace fan respond It should turn on and start blowing air. 3. Listen for any unusual sounds coming from your furnace It’s not uncommon to hear faint hums and some small pinging sounds from the ducts. 4. Move from room to room and place your hand over the vents in different areas of your home: With older, single-stage furnaces, you should feel warm air coming from the vent shortly after turning…

2022 Summer Season Checklist : Your 2022 Summer Season Checklist is here!  Get your home summer-ready with this checklist that tackles your home inside and out.   1. Wash windows inside and out Keep that summer sunshine streaming in by giving windows a quick rinse with glass cleaner or a vinegar solution, then squeegee them dry or wipe with a clean microfiber cloth. If you want to avoid using a ladder outside, reach exterior windows with a window-washing hose attachment or telescoping window washer, or hire a window-washing service to get the job done.  You’ll be amazed how much more light will stream in and how much clearer your view will be.    2. Power wash and reseal your deck Blast away that dirt and grime buildup from your deck, this will help prevent any wood from splitting, graying or cracking. Before you start, prep the surface by removing debris with a broom or leaf blower. If your deck has started to fade in colour, consider sealing it up with a stain to protect it from the elements.   3. Have…